Twin-Stick Shooter Demo

Twin-Stick Shooter

Simulation game template for mobile devices made in Lua using the Corona framework.

Technologies Used

lua, corona, photoshop


  • A dynamic universe. Galaxy, planets and asteroids is in constant motion
  • "Joypads" controlling movement and bullets.
  • Healthbar with auto-regeneration as well as health power-ups dropping from asteroids
  • Dynamic trail-effect based on players movement-speed
  • Zoomable mini-map that follows player location while tracking nearby objects

This asteroid had an enemy hiding within it. It was destroyed before it was able to charge into me, and I was rewarded a credit :D

1x 2x 4x
The minimap has three scopes.

This demo/template is free and open source with a MIT license, available over at Github. Feel free to fork it.